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SGA has been a leader in the field of commercial debt recovery for over four decades. Their vast knowledge of the industry is a result of years of experience in dealing with the exporters and importers who sell and buy on credit. SGA has held seminars where they shared their expertise and information with export credit insurance companies in Europe, South America and Asia.

SGA has had experience in collecting claims for many of the Export Credit Insurers such as: CESCE, CYC, MAPFRE - Spain, COFACE - France, NCM - Holland, GERLING (Atradius) - Namur & Germany, SIAC (Euler) - Italy, HKECIC - Hong Kong, EXIM BANK - Thailand, IMPORT/EXPORT ROC - Republic of China, CLAL - Israel, SECREB - Brazil, SEGUREXPO - Colombia, and CESCEMEX - Mexico.

The SGA Edge is a combination of many years experience in commercial recoveries, the most up-to-date information and technologies along with the expertise of trained negotiators who will effectively resolve disputes to get timely and cost-effective results. Our trained professionals are skilled at achieving results while preserving the relationship between the exporter and importer; thereby allowing potential future business.

Prevent Accounts Receivable Losses - SGA knows the North and South American markets like no other company and we remain the experts in these regions. However, in recent years, we have expanded our presence around the world and now offer our services globally.

Avoid Litigation and Insolvency Costs - Our experienced negotiators know that the creditor who resolves its claims first, collects its claims first - ahead of most other creditors - if the other creditors get anything at all! Do you want to be at the head of the line or standing at the back, waiting to be paid?

SGA and it's legal experts are able to help its exporting clients avoid many of the costs and delays of lawsuits and bankruptcy cases. We provide the know how you will need to obtain contracts and commercial agreements for your protection. This action resolves many of the customer's claims and excuses without the additional expense of litigation and trial.

We Collect WorldWide.

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